Selection of the studies is based exclusively on the scientific quality of the work. Only original manuscripts will be considered. Manuscripts which have been published previously or are currently under consideration elsewhere will not be reviewed for publication in Romológia periodical. However, authors retain their rights to reprint their article after it has appeared in this journal.

Submitted journal articles will be subjected to a double-blind peer-review process – Content is reviewed by one external and one internal reviewers and both the reviewer and the author remain anonymous throughout the process. Based on the opinion of the reviewers the editorial board make suggestions on the accepting of the study.

Manuscripts should be preferably in Hungarian or in English. Papers should be between 10-20 printed pages (ca. 25000-50000 characters) and accompanied by a 150-250 word abstract. Manuscripts submitted in English should be prepared in accordance with the Publicational Manual of APA.

All manuscripts should be sent in electric way to the Editorial board.