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részére a Wlislocki Henrik Szakkollégium szervezésében

The Department of Romani Studies of the Faculty of Humanities at University of Pécs has started to issue a new scientific quarterly journal in close cooperation with the Wlislocki Henrik Vocational College, and the Research Center of Romology at the University of Pécs. The title of the journal is Romológia (Romology).
The periodical both aims to provide a possibility for our students and PhD students to bring out their researches, and for our colleagues, professionals and experts working within the same filed, either in our Research Center or in other working groups all over the world, to publish and discuss their results. We also wish to initiate a collaboration and dialogue between these expert groups.
The first issue of the Journal was published in June 2013, and the further numbers will be distributed once in every quarter of a year. Both a printed and an electronic version of the Journal will be available. We have also launched a web- site, which you can refer to for further information.

mail: romologiafolyoirat@pte.hu
web: http://romologiafolyoirat.pte.hu/

About the framework of the Journal:
Every issue will have a main topic and a guest-editor, an expert of the proposed theme. The guest-editor publishes their study in the heading „Alappont – Basic Point” and provides us an interview. In the heading „Ütköző – Ring” we would like to engender a discussion or conversation regarding the point at issue. In the heading „Szélrózsa – Wind Rose” one may find further studies in order to gain a broader understanding of the subject under discussion. The section of the Periodical which is called „Kitekintő – Viewfinder” is to introduce foreign examples, practices and solutions. The last section of the Journal „Napló – Diary” is designed to provide a space in which we can inform about important past and upcoming events, conferences and to bring book reviews and other kinds of publications to attention.